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Celebrate Your Graduate's Journey with a Custom Print

Custom photo print featuring a graduate in her cap and gown lay on a white desk.


As graduation season approaches, families are gearing up to celebrate the achievements of their graduates. Whether it's a pre-k or college, graduation marks a significant moment in a person's life. We believe in commemorating these milestones with personalized touches that capture the essence of the journey. In this blog, we'll explore five tips for taking unique graduation photos, what kind of substrates to print your graduation photos, and where to showcase them!


Quick Guide: 5 Tips for Taking Amazing Graduation Photos

  1. Choose a Meaningful Location: Opt for a location that holds significance for the graduate, whether it's their alma mater, a favorite spot on campus, or a picturesque outdoor setting.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Ensure the graduate wears attire that aligns with their personal style while still being suitable for the occasion, creating a cohesive and polished look for the photoshoot.
  3. Plan Outfits in Advance: Coordinate outfits and colors with family members or friends participating in the photoshoot to ensure everyone looks coordinated and harmonious in the final images.
  4. Bring Props: Incorporate props like graduation caps, diplomas, flowers, or banners to add visual interest and personalize the photos, enhancing the overall storytelling aspect of the shoot.
  5. Focus on Details: Capture close-up shots of significant details such as graduation attire, jewelry, and accessories to complement the main portraits and create a well-rounded collection of images that capture the essence of the moment.

Materials to Suit Any Interior Design Needs

Our custom prints are available in a large range of sizes and substrates, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your interior design needs. Whether you prefer the sleek and modern look of acrylic, the classic elegance of glass, or the vibrant colors of metal, we have something for everyone. Our substrates are of the highest quality, ensuring that your graduation photos look stunning and stands the test of time. Plus, with options like canvas and jigsaw puzzles, you can get creative with your display options and add a unique touch to any space.


Displaying Pride: Where to Showcase Your Graduation Prints

Once you've chosen the perfect photo to honor your graduate's journey, the next step is deciding where to display it. Whether it's in your living room, office, or gifted to the graduate themselves, custom prints are a beautiful addition to any space. In the living room, a custom print serves as a conversation starter and a source of pride for the entire family. In the office, it's a daily reminder of your graduate's accomplishments and the support they've received along the way. And when gifted to the graduate themselves, a custom print becomes a cherished memento of their hard work and dedication, inspiring them to continue reaching for their dreams.


Take the time to celebrate the achievements of your graduate with a custom print that honors their journey. Whether displayed in your living room, office, or gifted to the graduate themselves, a custom print is a timeless reminder of their accomplishments. We're here to help you find the perfect custom print to showcase your pride for your graduate and celebrate their journey in style.

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