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Bring Your Wedding Photos to Life

Acrylic photo print of a husband and wife in their wedding portrait hangs on the wall.


Your wedding photos hold so many memories. The beautiful setting, the vibrant colors of wedding bouquets and floral arrangements, and the smiles and love of friends, family, and, of course, you and that very special person, all captured in the multitude of pictures taken throughout the occasion.


Now you’re faced with the dilemma of finding the best ways to print and display treasured photos from your big day. You can go the traditional route and put your picture behind glass and enclose it within a frame. However if you’re a little creative and looking for some unique and fun ways to turn your wedding photos into wall art, you have options to decorate your living room, bedroom, and home office with canvas, metal, glass, acrylic, or wood plank prints that will last and remain cherished keepsakes over the years to come. 


Photography.com has the perfect solutions to bring your wedding photos to life.


Canvas Prints
Give your wedding prints a modern, yet elegant look by displaying them on premium, canvas stretched onto frames and then folded with museum quality. Large format printers can produce brilliantly colored prints in all sizes.


Acrylic Prints
The glossy, contemporary look of an acrylic wedding print brings out the joy of your wedding day with brilliant colors, clear and sharp images, and high-definition printing. An acrylic wedding print enhances depth, adds sophistication, and is the perfect choice for displaying stunning exterior wedding poses and group photos. Acrylic prints are lightweight, easy to hang and clean, and durable.


Glass Prints
Glass wedding prints make beautiful wall art, coming in various sizes and shapes to match any décor or room style. Created from thin, high-quality tempered glass with beveled edges, glass prints add light and brightness to any space. Glass prints are also durable, easy to care for, and are printed with inks made to stand the test of time.


Panel Wood Prints
Wood wedding prints look great in a natural décor that includes plants, candles, and sustainable, plant-based fabrics. They give your photos a timeless look when your memories are expressed and amplified through the grain of naturally sourced, light-weight wood. Colors remain vibrant and every print is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is as distinctive as it is beautiful.


Metal Prints
Metal wedding prints have a modern, sleek appearance, made more visually stunning when printed on aircraft aluminum with a clean, baked-on satin matte finish. They’re available in many sizes and are easy to care for.


Keep your wedding-day memories alive by thinking outside the frame with acrylic, glass, wood, canvas, and metal wedding prints. Show off your wedding photos in fun, creative ways and turn your day of celebration into wall art that dazzles. Contact Photography.com today for help finding the perfect way to print and display your wedding photos and with all your photography questions.

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